Our Story

Nobuntu was founded to solve a problem. Our aim is ensure that all South Africans are able to grow old in comfort. Through achieving this we hope to revolutionise the retirement savings industry in South Africa.

Our Vision

The vast majority of South Africans finish working without having made sufficient provision for their old age. As a result, its common for younger family members to support their elders financially. This cycle perpetuates itself.

At Nobuntu, we believe that every South African deserves to grow old in comfort, irrespective of when they began planning for the day that they would stop earning a salary.

  • Tyron Fouche / CEO

    An actuary with experience in the insurance industry with both Deloitte and Discovery.
  • Reka Borole / CFO

    A chartered accountant and investment banker with experience at Rand Merchant Bank.
  • Ross Tasker / COO

    A qualified lawyer with experience at Bowmans having specialised in Mergers and Acquisitions.

EMAIL   /   info@nobuntu.co.za
PHONE   /   +27 61 148 1419


Floor Three
2 Merchant Place
1 Fredman Drive
Sandton, 2196

Cape Town
Floor Five
The Woodstock Exchange
66 Albert Road, Woodstock,
Cape Town, 7915

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