By insuring your employees with Nobuntu, you ensure their community grows with you.

Our Group Funeral Cover has grown from the fields of ubuntu. Where every employee insured will in turn benefit a larger group of people within our community. Hence, as our community grows, so does our ability to cultivate financial well-being within all of our people. As an employer you are able to extend cover to up to seven family members, and by doing so, you not only insure the lives of your employees, but ensure that the generation that follows is able to start their lives with the dignity you and their parents have worked for.

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Funeral Insurance

Get a quote and sign up for Nobuntu Group Funeral Cover through our simple on-line onboarding process, or call us on +27 61 148 1419 for more information. With Nobuntu Group Funeral Cover, your employees are covered for the full amount of the benefit chosen, irrespective of their age. You also have the option of adding cover for your employees' family too. All you have to ensure is that:

  • You sign all your employees up for cover
  • Your employees are legally and permanently directly employed and are actively at work minimum 20 hours per week.

The amount of cover your employees receive will be paid if your employee passes away. If you choose to extend cover to your employees' family, your employee will receive a benefit payment on the death of up to 7 nominated family members. Once a claims have been approved, benefits will be paid within 48 hours of receipt of required claims documentation. Benefits are paid as follows:


Main member/Spouse/Parent
Children between 14 – 21
Children between 1 – 5
Children between 0 – 11 months (including stillborn)

Once your employees are signed up for Nobuntu Group Funeral Cover, they will have access to a simple and easy to use USSD platform to update their beneficiaries, learn more about their cover and receive financial education which will help them make better financial decisions.

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