Nobuntu Way.

It’s about doing something useful for other people. Whether those people are your employees, your family members, your community, or someone whom you may never know, living out their lives on the other-side of our country. Our vision is to maximise the probability of a better future for as many South Africans as possible.

We start by changing the relationship ordinary South Africans have with money. As South Africans we work hard to earn a living. At Nobuntu we work hard so you can live to see your money work for you.

With Nobuntu, each life insured benefits the life of another. We believe in ubuntu, the understanding that each of us plays a role in improving the lives of our neighbours.

By integrating simple technology with our ideology we have cultured the essence of ubuntu throughout our systems. Which enables us to scale the lessons of ubuntu up from a household, to a community and from a community to a country in a manner that is financially positive to our people and the generation that follows in their footsteps.

Through this approach we’re able to cut out the middleman, share profits amongst our members and engage with them directly in such a way that they are able to teach their communities the benefits our insuring with Nobuntu. Our members understand the value of their lives and financial well-being and are more likely to be healthy and financially secure which in turn allows us to offer lower cost insurance products that will benefit the community they hold dear.

We understand that each person lives in community other. Whether in our private or professional lives, we affect and are affected by each other. With Nobuntu we are able to curate a healthy relationship with your insurance to ensure that the lives of employers and employees, are worth living,

Live Long, live well with Nobuntu.

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