The Nobuntu Story.

Nobuntu was founded by Tyron, an actuary, Reka, a chartered accountant, and Ross, a lawyer, in 2017. As financial professionals, we saw that the ordinary South African struggled to save and insure themselves which meant that many would reach old age without enough savings to age with dignity and independence (or pass away with nothing leftover for their families).

We discovered that this was because the options out there are difficult, sometimes impossible, to access, they are complicated and usually aimed at the wealthiest segment of our society rather than the majority.
So we set out to change this through reimagining the way savings and insurance work. By using technology to make it both cheaper and more personal. Through empowering communities of people to work together, rather than rely on an insurer, we aim to empower our customers with a sense of identity, of independence and of solidarity. By keeping profits in the community (rather than an insurer) we channel the money back to those who need it most.
From Pearl who works as a domestic worker in Cape Town, to Virginia a receptionist in Gauteng and Khaya a welder from Durban. We built Nobuntu for them.


    An actuary with experience in the insurance industry with both Deloitte and Discovery.


    A CA(SA) and CFA charter holder with previous experience in investment banking at a leading local bank.


    A qualified lawyer with experience at Bowmans having specialised in Mergers and Acquisitions.

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